Liturgical art in the sanctuary

The sanctuary at First & Central is, in itself, sparsely adorned. It is a space of peace. with warm wood tones and neutral colors.

Over the past twenty years, however, the church has commissioned a number of pieces of liturgical art; that is, art that enhances the worship experience. In particular, the pulpit and lectern (at left and right in the picture above), are typically outfitted with paraments (an ecclesiastical hanging or vestment) that reflect the liturgical season.

These liturgical seasons are:

  • Advent, the season preceding Christmas, featuring blue paraments

  • Christmas and epiphany, using white and gold paraments

  • Lent, with purple paraments

  • Eastertide (as well as weddings and memorials), also using white and gold

  • Pentecost (and any ordination event), with paraments featuring red, and

  • Ordinary time (the remainder of the Sundays), using green paraments.

Finally, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the merger of First and Central Presbyterian Churches, a new quilt hanging titled "Christ in the City" by renowned liturgical artmaker Patricia Hannigan was installed in the sanctuary.

See details of these artworks in the gallery below.