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Christian Formation for Adults


Whether in Sunday school, small groups, or even in individual study, we strive to think critically about our faith—by examining the Scriptures, delving into book studies, and sharing our observations with one another. 


Members take an active role in shaping class content and leading groups, participating in challenging discussion, scriptural engagement, and, ultimately, fellowship.

Explorers Forum

Explorers enjoy discussions on a wide-ranging of topics including current events, political, social, and theological issues. Join us for coffee and fellowship before or after in the Parlor/Lounge. Everyone is invited to participate as we laugh, learn, and grow together.


The group typically meets in the DuVal Room, found on the main level, but will use the larger Memorial Hall, in the lower level, in order to follow social distancing protocols.


See the schedule below. Archive recordings of the presentations and discussions from fall 2020 through 2022 can be found here: archives.

Explorers Forum, Winter, 2023:

Pastor Laura moderates Explorers Forum for the month of January.

January 8

The lectionary draws on Matthew’s gospel (mostly) through Easter. We’ll explore what we know about the author and his initial audience, as we as themes and motifs that set this telling apart from the other three.

January 15

Now that we’ve had a few months to get to know each other, it’s probably time for an Ask Me Anything (Within Reason) session. You can submit questions in advance and/or drop last minute queries into a randomizer (bowl) I will draw from. The only rule is that I get to decide where the “within reason” line is.

January 22 No Explorers Forum this week.

Pastor Laura on vacation.

January 29

Leadership Challenges and Ministry Opportunities here on the corner of Rodney Square.

February 19

Judie Rodgers will moderate. How and why do we Stay Hopeful?  We will explore Jane Goodall’s 4 reasons to hope in these challenging times taken from her recent publication “Hope:  A Survival Guide for Trying Times.” How we can help will also be part of the discussion.
bruary 26 through Lent

During the six Sundays in Lent, different spiritual disciplines will be explored, focusing on one each week. Pastor Laura will lead the first session on FASTING. Following weeks cover PRAYING, LISTENING TO GOD, EMBRACING SIMPLICITY, UNPLUGGING, and MEDITATION.

Tuesday Bible Study

Meet via Zoom, with your beverage of choice in hand! Come and enjoy warm fellowship, lively discussion, and prayerful insights into the Scriptures that will be part of the coming Sunday service. Let by the pastor and/or elder Noble Thompson. Everyone is invited.


Tuesday mornings at 8:30-9:15 am

Walk the Labyrinth

Our mission is to make the labyrinth available to all who are interested in learning from it, to provide a place for reflection and peace, and to nurture a community that will share in the experience. We hope to resume this meditative practice soon, as the pandemic allows.


To learn more and see the schedule, please visit our labyrinth page.


It’s a spiritual practice – going to work every day in the pursuit of justice, with our young people and the institutions that support them. So when I am feeling especially challenged and filled with doubt, I remember why it’s called a practice – and I practice on.


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