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Mission &



We grieve with our brothers and sisters for those who have died at the hands of racism. At this time of such conflict and confrontation, we are reminded that Christ has given us the ministry of reconciliation. Use the Contact form to get more information.

Our Mission

First & Central Presbyterian Church is a diverse, accepting, and open-minded Christian community growing to meet the challenges of our city.


The Mission of First & Central Presbyterian Church is to proclaim the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ by:

  • Ministering enthusiastically and compassionately to individual, congregational, and community needs;

  • Fostering spiritual, ecumenical, and intellectual growth;

  • Practicing stewardship of our church, our community, and our world.


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We are a  church without walls that welcomes  without limits.

Our Vision 

At First & Central Presbyterian Church, we continually strive to become a church that:

  • Welcomes without limits

  • Supports, affirms, and loves all people

  • Uses our resources in service to the community

  • Demonstrates our commitment to compassion and justice

  • Nurtures growth and development of children, youth, and adults

  • Provides a sanctuary from life’s trials and tribulations for the renewal of our spirits, and;

  • Offers an oasis in the city that emphasizes service and ministry to city dwellers and downtown workers.


Using Christ as our guide, our worship, music, and other programs provide us with the faith and inspiration to reach out and help others in need. We are committed to continual spiritual growth and ever deepening understanding of God’s will for ourselves, our church, and our global community. We work and pray daily to make our vision a reality.

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