​Staff and Governance

The Rev. Dr. Sam Massey, Interim Pastor

Rev. Massey began his service here in November, having served 12 years as Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Iowa City, Iowa.  He and his wife, Susan, a professor and chair of Masters of Education program at Upper Iowa University, have two grown sons and are rejoicing in the birth of their first grandchild! They have taken a home in the 40 Acres neighborhood of Wilmington, which they share with their beloved basset hound, Clover.

Sam will aid the congregation of First & Central in the process leading to the call of our next pastor.

For a brief greeting from Sam about his call to First & Central, see this video. For his Faith Journey, see his biography page (work in progress).

We give thanks for the gracious service of those talented ministers who worship with First & Central, who filled our (virtual and real) pulpits during this transition. You can expect to see these folks from time to time on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, along with elders in the church, leading our prayer services.


A Presbyterian church is governed by its Session, a body of Elders, with the Pastor serving as moderator. (The word "presbyter" means "elder of the church.") These members of the church are elected for three-year terms, renewable for up to six years' continuous service.

First & Central's current Session are:

Margaret Ann Butterfield, Brenda Dean (Clerk of Session), Sue Getman, Leigh Jefferies-Weinfeld, Fred McDonald, Jana Nazari, Ellen Oiler, Mark Olson (President of the Trustees), Ellen Roberts (Treasurer), Judie Rodgers, and David Teager.


Deacons serve the church by ministering to its members. Often, this involves food! These members of the Board of Deacons are also elected for three-year terms, renewable for up to six years' continuous service.

First & Central's current Board of Deacons includes:

Glen Noble (chair), Connie, Beattie, Mary McDonald, Lynn Moody, Larry Peterson, and Judy Van Dame.

David Schelat, Minister of Music


​David's passion for music and faith in God make him a true Minister of Music. His remarkable talents for playing, directing, and composing are such a gift to F&C and this community.  Under his direction, F&C's choir is comprised of some of the most talented musicians in the area. He studied music at The Ohio State University, received a Masters of Music from Eastman School of Music, and has pursued post-graduate education from Syracuse University. 

David's bio


Visit Market Street Music's website.

Andrew Coleman
Building manager
Joanne Reinbold
Office Manager
Stephen Fugate
Financial Secretary
George Russell,
John Dehart
Building care assistants