Explorers Forum video archive

Recordings from our "Live at 11" Zoom discussions.
Thanks to Margaret Anne Butterfield for compiling and editing the videos.

Democracy, Values, and the 2020 Election, October, 2020

Week 1: October 4

Sue and Bill Getman launch the series with a discussion of how political forces have worked (both in the past and in the present) to suppress minority voices.

Week 2: October 11

Sue and Bill Getman continue the discussion by focusing on "Protecting God's Creation: Climate Justice." They are joined by Shweta Arya, the outreach director for Delaware Interfaith Power and Light.

White Privilege and Racial Realities, September, 2020

Week 1: September 13

Jesse and Judie, an interracial couple, talk about their experiences with work, church, and family, over the decades of being a blended family.

(Note: we neglected to click "record" until after introductions were complete, about 5 minutes into discussion. The video begins after the moderator asked Jesse if he felt he had experienced racial discrimination in the workplace.)

Week 2: September 20

Noble and Patrick, an interracial gay couple, talk about their experiences with work, the police, family, and acceptance within the LGBTQ community and beyond.

Week 3: September 27

Glen and Rich talk about their decision to adopt biracial children, and how First & Central will play a part in their children's lives.