​On June 6, 2021, we resumed worship, with full liturgy, at 10:00 a.m. Because of the continuing number of infections with the Delta variant of COVID-19, masks are still strongly recommended for those gathering indoors, even for those who have been vaccinated.


There must, of course, be rules for worshiping safely. The church will do its part, providing sanitized services, setting seating at appropriate distances, and ushering people to those seats, in particular. Ushers and leaders will wear masks, except when speaking from the chancel.


For your part, the first rule is: Stay home if you have recently tested positive for coronavirus, have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, or are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19. Again, use of properly-fitting masks is strongly recommended while inside the church, even if you have been vaccinated. We will have a supply of disposable masks, if you need one. You must do your best to maintain social distancing from others, whether indoors or outdoors. Third, you should make use of the hand sanitizer station(s) before being seated in the pews. In summary, see the poster below, which will be displayed at the entrance.


Sunday in-person worship

red parament pulpit.jpeg
COVID sanctuary poster.jpg

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​Note that the Session continues to evaluate the protocols for safe gathering, and may change these protocols as needed.


Note also that services will be recorded for later broadcast or for livestreaming. If you do not wish to be seen, please sit behind the camera positions or in the balcony.

We hope you understand the need for heightened safety. If you  choose not to attend indoors, we understand. These are not easy decisions for any of us, but the task force and Session feel that we need to be prepared (and trained) for what will come throughout 2021.

Updated July 31, 2021