Scientists' model of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus identified in 2019.

Given the potential for a serious outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus disease) in our area, and the state of emergency declared by the governors of Delaware and Pennsylvania, the Session of First & Central Session voted on March 13 to close the church for all programs, events, and gatherings, including Sunday services and classes, until March 30th and possibly beyond.

Details and ramifications:

  1. All outside groups, including Urban Promise Academy, Wilmington Children's Chorus, and Market Street Music, have been notified that the building is closed and that they may not meet there.

  2. The church's website and Facebook page are being updated. We have also notified the Presbytery of our decision, which is in accord with their strong recommendation.

  3. Members without email are being called by Session so that everyone is informed to the best of our ability.

  4. A staff member will visit the building daily to make sure it's safe and secure, and may possibly be doing extra cleaning and projects.

  5. The pastor will electronically distribute a link to an abbreviated worship service on Saturday afternoons and will attempt Tuesday morning Bible study via Google Hangout/Meet. 

  6. The pastor will provide his cellphone number to the membership (use the Contact page to request). Call or text with questions or concerns. He will be in weekly contact with some of our older, home-bound members so they are not more isolated.

  7. Even though the church is closed, our expenses and payroll continue so please keep your pledge and giving up to date through the mail or online. 

  8. Session will meet on-line weekly to keep abreast of the pandemic and its effect on the church. 

Be well, stay safe, and God bless us all.

Worried that you're sick? Check this handy comparison of symptoms. Note that while sneezing can transmit infection, a sneeze or runny nose is not an indicator of infection.