Associate Pastor

Favorite Scripture
Romans: 8  (yes, the whole chapter) ...Nothing in life or in death can separate us from Christ, Jesus, our Lord...
Favorite Worship Music
Hymn: I Greet Thee Who My Sure               Redeemer Art
Anthem: If Ye Love Me (Thomas Tallis) 
Favorite Potluck Food
"As surely as the Lord lives and as you live, I will not leave... the dip table" Will somebody, please, pass the guac?! 
     Homiletically Speaking



Kaci and Olivia after Kaci baptized her! 

Kaci Clark-Porter, our former Associate Pastor, now serves at Grace Presbyterian Church in El Paso, Texas. Before moving to Delaware from Texas, Kaci served as Director of Campus & Young Adult Ministries at University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas. (You're a clever person if you've found this link to her bio.)


In 2010, Kaci received a Masters of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary where she also served as Student Body President during her senior year. In 2009, Kaci enjoyed '15 minutes of fame' when she decided to have a portrait of John Calvin -- the 16th century French reformer -- tattooed to her right calf to commemorate Calvin's 500th birthday. Her tattoo of Calvin is nearly always mistaken for Nostradamus.


Kaci received a BA in Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2005. As a consequence of living in Boulder, Kaci has a deep appreciation for outdoor pursuits including backpacking, skiing, hiking, campfire cooking, and driving too fast on curvaceous mountain highways. 


The five things Kaci can't live without are: her close Southern family; patios; Hazel the pitbull; adventures with Holly; and staanky bleu cheese!

Kaci and Holly celebrated their Covenant Blessing ceremony in the company of friends and family on November 17, 2011, and were married a few weeks later on December 7, in New York City. Holly and Kaci were jointly ordained as Presbyterian ministers on March 22, 2015, here at First & Central Presbyterian. 


Kaci and Holly departed in July, 2019, returning to their beloved Texas to co-pastor a church in El Paso. ¡Vayen con Díos, queridas!




Right: Kaci and Holly after celebrating a wedding together.

Kaci, her mom, and a group of F&C pilgrims renewing their baptisms at the Jordan River in the Holy Land.

Top: The winners of the Ugly Sweater contest on Christmas Day.


Bottom: Kaci and Hazel stop for lunch halfway up the the largest peak in Vermont, Mt. Mansfield.